Fantastic film, “River of No Return”

Full Episode. Click here to watch entire PBS special!

What a beautifully done, inspiring movie. A couple spends an entire year in the Frank Church Wilderness Area of Idaho, where wolves were released in 1995-6. Isaac is a biologist who has studied wolves for the Nez Perce tribe. Bjornen is there because he is, but throughout the trip she realizes her own reasons for this arduous journey.

Lots of great wolf footage. Well done narration, devoid of sentimentality or force of issues.

What was perhaps most memorable for me was Bjornen’s courage. She’d been diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) shortly before this trip. I can only imagine her pain. But she did it, taking breaks as needed, refusing to let her pain stop her.  Bjornen is a testament to all (some near and dear to me) with intractable pain and other challenging health issues who continue to live their lives fully and with more guts than the rest of us could ever fathom.

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