Where in the World is Oregon 7?

Seems our illusive Grey wolf, Oregon 7, or Journey, is spending most of his time in California these days. Over the last four months he has been trotting around four counties in Northern California;  Siskiyou, Shasta, Lassen and Modoc, and occasionally stepping back into Oregon.  Since April 27th he has been in Southwestern Modoc County. Will he cross the California-Nevada border? On New Years Eve of this year he was only 15 miles from Nevada near Susanville. Some speculated that he may enter the desert where Burning Man is staged. Guess he decided things get a little too hot there!

In other Oregon wolf news, the body of an adult Grey wolf was recently found near Cove, Oregon.  It has been determined that the wolf was illegally killed. This makes at least four wolves poached in Northeast Oregon. With a total of about two-dozen wolves in our state, we aren’t  off to a very good start.

This wolf from the Wenaha pack was poached in fall of 2010. The $10,000 reward offered for the arrest of his killer has yet to be claimed.

Also, the alpha male of the Imnaha, known as Oregon 4 was darted  on March 28th and his radio collar replaced.  A few days later a 94 pound black wolf from the Wenaha pack was captured and collared. Let’s hope these collars serve the benefit of the wolves, rather than the ease in tracking them down.

The first wolf of the Wenaha pack to be collared.

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