Time For a Trip…

Late June and summer has finally arrived in Southern Oregon. Saw my first fawns of the season yesterday, a set of twins with bright white spots, their mother leading them cautiously across the road in front of my house. A baby raccoon was lost in the blackberries outside my son’s bedroom window last week. It raised such a clamor it could have been heard from a mile away. Within a half hour the baby was quiet, no doubt reunited with Mom.

In the Northeast corner of our state at least two out of the four wolf packs are caring for cubs. Russ Morgan, Wolf Coordinator with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife took this calender-worthy photo of three cubs from the Wenaha pack.

Oregon 7, as far as we know, is spending the month alone. I spoke with Karen Kovacs, Wildlife Program Manager with the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) about our elusive wolf and she told me there isn’t much new news on Journey. When I asked if she thought he was with coyotes, as he was about a month ago when his photo was taken by a CDFG biologist, she said this is doubtful. According to Karen, coyotes tend to stay in one place, while wolves, especially Journey, like to put the miles in. The fact that Journey was seen with coyotes doesn’t mean he is hanging out with them, this could have been nothing more than a brief interaction.

OR 7 in Modoc County, CA on May 10, 2012

No news is good news, for Karen told me there’s been no evidence of livestock predations by Journey, although ranchers in the area remain concerned.

The CDFG wolf page does a good job of keeping us updated as to Journey’s whereabouts, and today he is in Plumas County. The name Plumas comes from the Spanish word for the Feather River, the river that flows through the county. This is a sparsely populated area in the Sierra Nevada range, with lots of lakes and many great camping spots. Sounds  enticing.  Think I’ll take a quick trip to Northern California. I’ll be looking for Oregon 7, knowing I won’t see him, but enjoying every moment of the journey.

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