Another Worthy “Wolfy” Cause

I came across this on The Wolf Preservation Blog a wonderful site with interesting and up to date articles on wolves. I will contribute on Kickstarter, doesn’t take much if we all kick in!  Thanks much, Beckie

Wolf Connection & the 13 Grandmothers – Documentary

July 2, 2012 by wolfpreservation

“WHAT AN AMAZING STORY WE HAVE IN OUR HANDS!! … and we launched a 20-day funding campaign to get everyone on board.

THIS IS TRULY A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to document a journey that may never happen again!! … and you can be part of it with your input, your backing, and even coming with us on the road if you are up for it!

Wolf Connection’s pack of Ambassadors has been invited to participate in a sacred gathering …The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers is holding their 11th Council Gathering in Lame Deer, Montana at the end of July. This special event is the culmination of The Ride Home, a nearly 1,400 mile horseback ride in Remembrance of the Cheyenne Exodus of 1878.

“The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers represents a global alliance of prayer, education and healing for the Earth, all Her inhabitants, all the children and for the next seven generations to come. They bring together a wealth of sacred wisdom from world-wide traditions that honors intuition and spirit in a way that is often absent from daily life. The purpose of the Ride and Council is generational healing and a uniting between tribes to become one tribe – of humankind.”

Both the grandmothers and event organizers felt that Wolf Medicine and the long history of connection between wolf and man needed to be part of this gathering. We are honored that they felt that our human and wolf pack is a worthy representative of this unique bond.

On the week of July 16th, staff, backing guests, and three members of our pack will be journeying to meet the horse riders in South Dakota and travel the last 110 miles of The Ride Home in order to arrive at Lame Deer, Montana together and participate in the Council with the Grandmothers.

Now, n order to get there, we have to drive through several wolf-hunting states which will make journey unpredictable and the film all the more interesting.

As you can imagine, this is a huge logistic undertaking! … BUT with your super cool backing we are going to document every aspect of the journey in a film that will preserve the this amazing experience so it can be passed on.


This documentary will send a powerful global message on our often-forgoten kindship and deep bond with animals in general and wolves in particular, and their key role in our survival on this planet AND on the importance of traditional ritual and ceremony as a way to unite humanity.


* BEFORE: Training of the animals, preparation of the vehicles, film pre-production, and logistics planning

* DURING: The trip to and from Montana through wolf-hunting territory with all the unexpected situations that can create. The encounter with the horse riders and the united journey to meet the Grandmothers. The meeting with the 13 Grandmothers and wolf blessing.

* AFTER: Journey back to California, conclusion and learnings, post production.


There are many elements that need to be considered in a trip like this:

* The first challenge is the management of the animals which requires great knowledge and a deep bond and connection with them. We are transporting 85-130 lb highly active animals in small travelling cages next to each other (travelling, feeding, and sleeping). This means they must have breaks every 2-3 hours to relieve themselves and exercise to prevent them from accumulating anxiety that could be vented on each other or the handlers. Each time we get them out of the cage we run the risk of them not wanting to go back in. Oh Well :/

* We are crossing several states where wolves are being hunted and people may have a less-than-friendly attitude towards them. This makes it challenging to find safe places to stop for provisions and spend the night. This must be mapped in advance with options for camping grounds and RV parks along the way. That’s the reason we will be using a travelling trailer with a full bathroom and kitchen which will give us the much-needed independence.

* We cannot run the risk of mechanical difficulties that would leave us stranded with a pack of wolves in unfriendly territory, so both the pulling truck and the trailer must be in excellent operating condition.

* Last, but not least, a trip like this will be physically and mentally demanding on the crew. We must make sure that we have all the supplies and resources needed for a minimal level of comfort and replenishment.

* The film crew will be traveling in a separate vehicle to have the independence needed to shoot the caravan on the road, leaving from and arriving to places.”

For more information regarding this project and the case, please visit their website at:

Wolf Connection, a refuge for wolves and wolf dogs, as well as a youth education and empowerment program

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