Idaho’s Wolf Cub in Virginia

Boise, the wolf cub found by campers in central Idaho (he really should have been named Ketchum) seems to be doing well at his new home at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia.

I can’t resist posting this video of Boise when he was introduced to his new family. He certainly looks like one pleased little wolf.  Boise will serve as wolf ambassador to  educate the public about his species. Which is great, but Idaho and Montana are where the most education needs to be done and he’s a far cry from there.  On the other hand, Boise is  close to Washington now, where the ultimate fate of wolves resides. Perhaps someday he’ll visit the White House and have an impact on those who sign bills without considering the long and deadly reach of their pens.

More good news, rare in the wolf world, Boise’s pack of origin has been located and is doing well too.  This photo, via The Wood River Project of Defenders of Wildlife, features a female of the Warm Springs pack scent-rolling in front of the camera. There’s a chance this could be Boise’s mom!


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