Now Showing–Predator Defense Films!

The non-profit, Predator Defense, based in Eugene, Oregon, is putting together online, video “press-kits” to educate the media about wildlife issues, including the travesty of trapping. Their first video is about cougars, with bear and wolf films to follow. They’ve also produced videos about dogs that were caught in traps set by USDA’s Wildlife Services, the  expose of Wildlife Services trapping on the Oregon State University campus, and one of a grateful bobcat Brooks released from a snare.  All movies worth watching! See link below.

Predator Defense is run by Brooks Fahy and Sally Mackler. Their efforts have been instrumental in exposing the truth about Wildlife Services, as recently documented by Pulitzer prizewinner Tom Knudson in The Sacramento Bee.

Predator Defense also serves as a powerful advocate for individuals whose pets have succumb to the pervasive and unnecessary trapping done by this government agency.

Enjoy the videos at  and share with your friends.  And make a donation if you’d like. Predator Defense is a non-profit, operating primarily on our donations. They are seeking to expand their video work, a powerful way of spreading the word.

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