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Wolves and Writing

I admit, calling a fourth-generation rancher of the largest ranch in Washington, who has admitted publicly that he wants the Wedge pack killed, was not an easy thing for me to do. I put it off, walked the dog, ate some scrambled eggs, watched TV, ate some toast, then finally told myself to quit hem-hawing around and make the call.

It wasn’t as bad as I expected. The phone number of the Diamond M is easily found online and when I rung them up, a woman answered. I told her who I was, said I was interested in writing about their wolf situation. She handed the phone to Len McIrvin. I gave him my (well-rehearsed) spiel and he said his son, Bill, was handling most of these wolf calls so I was passed over to Bill who had a calm, measured voice and agreed right off to talk with me.

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  1. Beckie,

    May I just start with applause? Any of us who work in wolf conservation and do outreach and presentations often remark to our audiences that wolves are adaptable animals and can live pretty much anywhere humans will tolerate them. Seems like a simple sentence, but the last phrase is the key to everything. Human tolerance for wolves begins with human understanding of each other’s viewpoints, a willingness to speak to one another, and a willingness to listen to each other. We don’t have to agree, but we’ll never get anywhere if we don’t ask and listen. Your actions in the interest of understanding deserve applause; you create stepping stones along the path to increased tolerance. Many, many thanks for your post-breakfast phone call. And, by the way, I get that part of it, too. It’s lovely that you include in your writings how the whole process affects you, as well.



  2. Thank you, Amaroq. Your words mean a great deal to me. My hope is that by listening and trying to understand, even to someone who has a viewpoint as different from mine as the ranchers at the Diamond M, is that an opening of the heart and the mind may be created which can lead to a better future for everyone involved. Your many years of wolf work, currently with the California Wolf Center, has done so much to pave the way for wolves everywhere. I applaud your efforts as well. Thanks again!


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