Running For Home, a Valentine’s Day Treat!

Two sisters from the Carolina’s, Gail S. McDiarmid and Marilyn S. McGee, have something to celebrate on this Valentine’s Day.  They have written and recently published a young adult book called Running For Home.

Running for home

This is a book we can all celebrate, for it turns the tables on the erroneous  mythology surrounding wolves. Kids and adults who read this captivating tale will gain knowledge and understanding of the challenges wolves face in their struggles to survive. The wolves and other wildlife characters in Running For Home teach readers about how difficult it can be to secure food and deal with inclement weather. And they portray the intricate and important relationships animals have with each other. Of course, humans play a role as well, but the story focuses on the critters. We meet Chinook the inquisitive grey wolf, Wapiti, the wandering  elk, and Mochni, the gregarious raven who flies through the plot, joyfully bringing everyone together.

Running For Home is set in Yellowstone National Park shortly after wolves have been reintroduced. The entire park is affected by the return of the wolf, including the elk.  Gail and Marilyn have done a wonderful job in blending the scientific facts of the impact of the grey wolf with the story. There is no preaching, only a life-like account of the sometimes harsh ebb and flow of nature.

Marilyn and Gail

Marilyn and Gail

You will love the illustrations done by artist Durwood Coffey. I was thrilled to be given the role of editor for the book. But Gail and Marilyn are the ones who deserve the credit for coming up with the concept, writing the book, and doing the tough work of seeing it in print.

Please follow this link to order your copy now! Mine is on its way and I’m looking forward to holding this book in my hands. I hope to share it with some youngsters soon, but until then I’ll be pouring over it myself.

I’ve also included a link to the Kickstarter video Gail and Marilyn produced to raise funds for their project. It’s too charming not to share.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

4 thoughts on “Running For Home, a Valentine’s Day Treat!

  1. What a charming, charming book. Let’s hope this boots “Little Red Riding Hood” out of the children’s section of book everywhere! Congratulations to Gail and Marilyn, can’t wait to get my copy!


  2. I plan on purchasing a copy and donating it to my local library here in Stevensville, Montana. Children need to see wolves for what they are and not folklore! Just a quick thank you to Gail and Marilyn. Marc & Lorenza
    PS. Beckie….Sorry if this posted twice. As always …Thanks for all you do!


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