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Wolves and Writing

Certain newspaper articles leave me wondering what has become of professional journalism. Of course, these are stories about wolves, those four-legged beasts that seem to be either loathed or loved, detracting everyone, journalists included, from any semblance of objectivity.

But those writing and getting paid for reporting news should at least adhere to two of the primary obligations of journalism, telling the truth and verifying facts.

Journalist comic

A recent article in The Oregonian, written by La Grande (eastern Oregon) based reporter Richard Cockle cites these statistics on wolf populations:

Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming have an estimated 1,832 gray wolves:
Montana: 653
Wyoming: 328
Idaho: 746
Washington: 52
Oregon: 53
Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The Washington and Oregon numbers are up to date, however, the other statistics are from 12/31/2011 (see source site).  Since then, 539 wolves have been reported killed by hunters and trappers in Idaho…

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