Elegy For a Wolf

Last month a beautifully done video was featured on the Wolves of the Rockies website. The video was an elegy to Yellowstone wolf #832, also known as #06, the renown alpha female of the Lamar Canyon pack.  Emmy award winning cinematographer Bob Landis created the video that has touched so many.

I caught up with Tara Smithee, who interned with Bob Landis at Yellowstone in March. Tara wrote the powerful poem, Ode to #832, and narrated it for the video. A poet since a young girl, she told me her words came from stories she heard from wolf watchers and rangers who were familiar with the enigmatic 06.



Tara, 25, spent her first six summers in Yellowstone, on the heels of her mother who worked in the park as a Naturalist. Her father was a commercial scuba diver, and Tara learned to love oceans as well as the wilderness.

This fall, Tara will attend Montana State University’s MFA program in Science and Natural History Filmmaking. Her goal is to make films that “…give a voice to wild places in the hope of furthering conservation.”

I’m sure we will hear more from Tara in the future, but for now enjoy the video on 06 and listen to her poignant words.

2 thoughts on “Elegy For a Wolf

  1. Magnificent in every respect. Thank you Beckie for posting, and to Tara for putting beautiful words to this wonderful video. Best of luck in your future endeavors.


  2. Hi Beckie, thankful for posting this beautiful video. It brought tears to my eyes. Will the war on wolves ever end?


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