EcoLit Books, Sharing Literature of our Wild World

ecolitbooks_logo_200Ecolit books is a blog that features reviews of books that focus on the environment and its creatures. The blog emanates from Ashland Creek Press, an independent book publisher in my town of Ashland, Oregon. Their mission is, “…to publish a range of books that foster an appreciation for worlds outside our own, for nature and the animal kingdom, and for the ways in which we all connect.”

Co-founders and editors of Ashland Creek Press, John Yunker and Midge Raymond are writers themselves. They run their press with years of experience in editing, teaching, journalism, and with a clear concern for the natural world. A novel recently published by Ashland Creek Press, The Names of Things, by John Colman Wood, is a finalist for the 2013 Chautauqua Prize. I’ve read it, and found the book mesmerizing.

I’ve been kindly asked to contribute reviews to ecolit and my first is on The Hidden Life of Wolves, the story of Jim and Jamie Dutcher’s six years with a pack of wolves.  If you haven’t read this book yet, order it now. You’ll learn much about wolves and will spend hours enjoying the photos.

Ecolit is inviting others to contribute to their blog. If you’re a reader of  literature on our wild world, consider getting in touch with them. Sharing works written about our environment and the challenges it faces can do much to gain support in our struggles to protect the world and its creatures.

Hidden Life of Wolves

4 thoughts on “EcoLit Books, Sharing Literature of our Wild World

  1. I too recently read this wonderful book. Accurate and science based is what grabbed my attention. But then the photos are typical high standard…… Dutcher fashion. A must read!


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