Journey’s Lonesome Howl

OR 7

Time to sit back and enjoy…

This beautifully lyrical song about Journey, Oregon’s renown wolf, is performed by Lee Rockwell. Lyrics by Lee and Teresa Hamilton. The excellent photos in the video were taken by Mark Perry of Galloimages Online. The photos can be purchased on this site and a percentage of the proceeds goes to Oregon Wild, the nonprofit that does so much to help wolves in our state.

Lee Rockwell

Lee Rockwell

Lee has put her heart and soul into this production and it shows. Please share this widely and let the music and the photos lift your spirits high!

8 thoughts on “Journey’s Lonesome Howl

  1. Hi my name is Teresa Hamilton and I am the one that help write the song and I am the one that made the video and I am so happy that you you all like it. Lee and Myself worked very hard on this song since Febuary. We could not be happier with the way it turned out, we love Journey so much and I have followed Journey from day 1. Thank you for the very nice write up on our song and video!!! We are Proud of it!!!


  2. Thank you Beckie, for this awesome review! Just to let you know, that without Teresa Hamilton’s invaluable input on the lyrics and her (24/7) support, via computer and telephone, this song would not have been all that it is…
    She, also, singlehandedly, perfectly manifested her vision, in creating this video of wolves! I know this because she shared with me, prior to it’s inception, her desire to use only photos of wolves in natural habitat, just being the beautiful, majestic animals they are!
    With permission from Mark Perry, a wonderful nature photographer who is graciously donating a percentage of all proceeds from the sale of his photos, generated by our song and video, to Oregon Wild, the “Wolf Org” of our choice, Teresa, with utmost care, chose the photos she wanted to use and fashioned this jewell of a video that so perfectly matches “Journey’s Lonesome Howl”
    Thanx from me & Teresa & the Wolves!!!


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