Women For Wolves


Animal advocate David Fjoran has an innovative plan to broadcast why wolves should not lose protection under the Endangered Species Act.

As an active volunteer with the Wolf Conservation Center in New York, assisting the nonprofit in finding much needed funding sources, David understands the value of wolves and the harm that delisting these animals will create.

In 2011, David delved into a study of wolves, all the while considering how he could further contribute to their cause. This period coincided with the renewed legalized killings of wolves in the Rocky Mountains. In David’s words, “I was disgusted that after finally (and recently) getting some protections, after centuries of slaughter, they were being slaughtered and persecuted all over again.”

He continues:

“I learned about their dedication to family.  And how emotional they are.  I learned about ranchers and hunters who just want to kill.  I learned about how Wolves greatly increase biodiversity.  I learned about the overall need for apex predators.  I learned that the reasons for killing them are bullshit.  Politics and money.  And how their fate, this slaughter, was sealed by a rider on a budget bill of all things, taking away the authority from the Department of the Interior/US Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, and from the science that supposed to determine such decisions.

And I realized that the debate about Wolves brings out the best from the best people, and the worst of the worst.”

So, in an effort to spread the word, he is pioneering a radio show called The Animal News Hour (site still under construction) and the inaugural episode will focus on the proposed Federal delisting.

Demonstrating how wolves can bring out the best in people he will host interviews with women who endeavor to help wolves. David is featuring only females on this particular show because he noticed that the preponderance of those who kill wolves are men, and the preponderance of those who help wolves live, are women.

I’ve noticed this discrepancy as well, although I’m sure none of us have failed to also take note of the efforts of many incredible males who are doing a great job in representing their gender in this respect.

But there are a lot of women in the forefront of wolf advocacy and David Forjan will have several of them on his show, which will broadcast on September 11, the original date the comment period on the delisting was to end. We will hear from Suzanne Stone, Amaroq Weiss, Wendy Keefover, Maggie Howell, and others. I’m on that list as well, and am very honored by this invitation.

Stay tuned for details. I’ll let you know how you can listen in. The episodes will be done in podcast format until David finds just the right radio station. dog with headsetRemember, this upcoming episode is only the first in what promises to be a long line of pertinent and fascinating airings on our animal friends.

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