Trap Free Montana Public Lands!

While we love wolves and other wildlife, many of us feel stymied by our inability to protect them. Soon we will have an opportunity to do our part to greatly limit trapping in the beautiful state of Montana.


Trap Free Montana Public Lands (TFMPL) is spearheading a citizen driven ballot initiative to end recreational trapping on public lands. This is a new movement, and one that must move quickly. 25,000 qualified signatures from across the state are needed by June so this initiative can appear on the ballot in November of this year.

What can you do? If you live in Montana it’s easy. Once the final approval process is complete, you can help gather signatures. But don’t worry, everyone can participate. Go to TFMPL’s excellent website. There you will see exactly how to get involved. If nothing else, send a few bucks to support this worthy endeavor.

The TFMPL website reports that at least 45,000 wild animals and about 50 dogs are trapped each year in Montana. Hidden, inconspicuous traps are baited, luring animals in. Trapping often captures non-target species. An endangered wolverine was killed in a trap in Idaho last week. Eagles, lynx, fisher and other rare animals are also captured. Of course, family pets suffer as well.


We must do our best to end the archaic practice of trapping. No one can deny the cruelty of this practice. And the safety of those of us who want to enjoy our public lands is threatened by traps. For these and many other reasons, let’s support Trap Free Montana Public Lands!

Go to their Facebook page and Like and Share widely.

ODFW photo

ODFW photo

10 thoughts on “Trap Free Montana Public Lands!

  1. As of this morning I have reported three FB comments and banned all three submitters from my page. I can see that the trapping community includes some very angry and resentful individuals. I won’t tell you the exact threats and insults I received but they portray a frightening side of human nature. FYI, Matt Thor, Jason L. Maxwell and Montana Wolf Hunting and Trapping, and all others like you, I will continue to report your comments to FB and elsewhere if warranted. Your cruelty apparently goes even further than your treatment of animals.


    • You must have hit a sore spot with them hey Becky? Good for you! I ‘deal with the wolf haters a lot too. There is no help for most of them. They see no wrong in torturing animals. God bless you for all you do Becky, maybe we’ll see the end of Trapping in our lifetime. We must work on changing the laws and thats what I’m working on.


  2. Becky, my very best wishes and hopes are with you. Please know that a great many support you wholeheartedly. Thank you for your courageous stance and actions.


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