Review: The Spine of the Continent


Thanks to Andrew Gottleib, the awesome Reviews Editor for A Journal of the Built and Natural Environments, my write up on The Spine of the Continent is now online.

If you haven’t checked out yet, by all means do so. This site offers much to lovers of nature, of poetry, art, story and music. Terrain is an ecclectic blend that helps us understand the interface of humans and the natural world, providing incentives to live in a more sustainable way. Their creation is truly about “the soul of place.”


The Spine of the Continent details the problems created by cutting animals off from the pathways they have traveled for centures. It also presents a solution, one that has evolved over time and is aided by modern science and technology. Please check out the review and “like” the FB link at the bottom. I’m posting the first paragraph here to pique your interest.

Enjoy, and be sure and read the book!

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Beckie Elgin reviews The Spine of the Continent, by Mary Ellen Hannibal


Since 1872, when Ulysses S. Grant signed the bill that made Yellowstone our first national park, our country has been proud of its public lands. But these islands of safe spaces aren’t enough for the species that inhabit them; nature must have the ability to move and connect in order to survive.Mary Ellen Hannibal’s book, The Spine of the Continent, illuminates the initiative that is determined to protect key landscapes along the expanse of the Rocky Mountains, from the Yukon to Mexico. She shows us that the Rocky Mountains provide an essential roadway for animal and plant migration and dispersal, especially as climate change forces species into higher elevations. If safe routes don’t exist, populations such as grizzly bear, wolves, pika, and bighorn sheep become isolated entities that will eventually cease to exist.

Go to to read the full review and to check out their website.

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