Wisconsin Wolves–Safe For Now

wolves-58998__180Last December I spent a few days in western Wisconsin with a group of avid wolf supporters including Rachel Tilseth of Wolves of Douglas County and members of Rod Coronodo’s Wolf Patrol. We were there during the wolf hunting season, specifically the time when hounds could be used to track down and kill wolves. We drove the back roads along the Wisconsin-Minnesota border looking for hound hunting activity. By that time, the snow had melted and there weren’t many hunters out, but it was a powerful experience being in the presence of people whose dedication to wolves takes them out of their comfort zones and into the field.

Since wolves in the Great Lakes regained protection under the Endangered Species Act in December of last year we’ve all been breathing sighs of relief. But good news in the wolf world often is short lived so many folks in Wisconsin and elsewhere are still battling to keep them safe.

A story on a Wisconsin news station released yesterday reported that the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa has completed its Wolf Protection Plan. According to this plan the Red Cliff Reservation will be considered a wolf sanctuary and if hunting is legalized again, it would not be allowed on their land. There is to be a six mile buffer zone around the reservation to protect wolves as they leave and enter the area. Red Cliff Reservation is on the tip of the Bayfield Peninsula in far northern Wisconsin and it encompasses approximately 14,000 heavily forested acres. Sounds like prime habitat for wolves, or Ma’iinganag as they are known to the Red Cliff Tribe. I suggest you take a look at the plan, it’s full of interesting information on wolves and their importance to the Chippewa people.

wolf packAnother group, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf has recently released a full length documentary, aptly named Political Predator, about the wolf hunting situation in their state. This film is an educational and insightful look at the background of how wolf hunting has been managed (or not), the powers behind the harvest, and the opinions of those who do not see the need or value of the hunt. Enjoy the movie and use the information to further educate yourself about wolves in Wisconsin. The more we know, the more powerful will be our voice.

3 thoughts on “Wisconsin Wolves–Safe For Now

  1. Thanks, Beckie, for another interesting and enlightening article on wolves. The statement (in the link) by the Ojibwe, “what happens to the wolves, happens to us”, is a touching reflection of our connection with these incredible beings.

    Blessings, Jaelle


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