Action Alert: #TWEETSTORM at Congress #KeepWolvesListed and Protect the ESA

Please review this informative article from Wolves of Douglas County then join the Tweet Storm by sending Tweets to your congress people!

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

#TWEETSTORM sponsored by the following groups Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin, Wolves and Writing, Canis Lupus 101, Passions For Wolves, Vote4wilderness, Medicine of the Wolf, Apex Protection Project and Save Wolves Now

In December of 2014, federal protections were reinstated for wolves in the Great Lakes states of MI, MN and WI because federal judge invalidated FWS’s delisting of wolves, the federal courts held that the state management plans for wolves did not protect wolves.

The result of these two recent court decisions is that wolves in Wyoming, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are back on the federal Endangered Species Act list.

A new threat to wolves in the form of a house appropriations bill with a rider attached

Section 121 of the FY 2016 House Interior/EPA bill nullifies both of these recent federal court decisions, directing the Secretary of the Interior to reissue the two wolf delisting rules that federal…

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