Hounding The Hunters


I would like to thank Earth Island Journal for publishing Hounding The Hunters. This story describes the actions of several groups that employ innovative techniques to expose the cruelty of trophy hunting and trapping of wolves and other species. I began the article in Wisconsin during the final week of the 2014 wolf season when hound hunters were legally allowed to set their dogs upon wolves. I met with Wolf Patrol, a grass-roots group documenting the Wisconsin hunt. The story progressed from there to other efforts in protest of sport killing including Wildlife Defense League in B.C. and the Hunt Saboteurs of Great Britain.

If you aren’t already a reader of Earth Island Journal (EIJ) I suggest you consider a subscription. This publication is renown for their investigative journalism of environmental topics. EIJ is the publication of Earth Island Institute which was founded in 1982 by David Brower, the first Executive Director of the Sierra Club. Writer James William Gibson has written several timely wolf articles for EIJ that can be found on their website.

Below is the first paragraph of the story. Click on the text for the rest. The print edition can be purchased online or in most bookstores.

“Stephanie looked in her rear-view mirror and watched as the black Suburban descended upon her Jeep. She punched the accelerator in an effort to put some distance between the two vehicles, but the Suburban kept gaining. Matthew, riding shotgun, turned in his seat to watch it.”

photo by Sam Edmonds

photo by Sam Edmonds


2 thoughts on “Hounding The Hunters

  1. Dear Beckie
    Thank you for alerting all to this incredible article In EI Journal.
    I have met Mr Coronado at a couple of environmental conferences.
    Rod Coronado is an incredible human being who cares deeply for all living beings on the earth. His is a tough slog through the “culture” of haters, hunters and ranchers who say they can do what they want with the land and its inhabitants. Bringing light and focus to the atrocities committed against the non human beings with objectivity is no small feat. He has put himself in harms way but remains collected and professional in his pursuit of the ethical. Wolf Patrol has brought much needed attention to the trophy hunting epidemic in our own country. It is dangerous work and I am grateful they are out in the field reporting on the lack of oversight by our government agencies. Reform of wildlife/resource agencies are way overdo and Wolf Patrol exposes the inadequacies and the sometime seeming corruption within our system.
    Rod and his team bring a much needed “boots on the ground” approach to our “wildlife management” policies. We need more of these organizations and less of the “plush toy” environmental groups that seem to exist at times to pay salaries, host parties, etc and are hesitant to tell the hard truths for fear of alienating their constituency.
    A more dedicated and disciplined individual such as Rod Coronado would be hard to find besides the likes of Camilla Fox at Project Coyote, whom you have noted in previous posts
    I applaud all those who dedicate themselves to furthering knowledge and coexistence with the others we share the planet. There is another way to be on this planet. I am thrilled that the groups you and EIJ discuss are leading the way to this new paradigm. I urge others to support them as they can, there is a definite place and desperate need for these grass roots groups in the environmental NGO world.

    In many ways our human society has failed to give understanding and respect to the systems our earth operates within. This general lack of understanding that we too are a species has led us to the dangerous ground we find ourselves now. Our awareness level of our surroundings and the largess of our footprint has not been the focus of science in the past. Today it cannot be ignored.
    Our actions and attitudes will make the difference.
    As Nina Simons cofounded of Bioneers has stated “Instead of people being the instrument of Earth’s destruction, we can re-enter a sacred partnership with all of Life on behalf of her healing.”


  2. “It will take a radical reversal and revocation of dominion and the religions that peddle it to undo the tyranny of dominion. Any support of the dominion religions… moral or financial merely encourages more of the same for animals: the complete violation of their lives… despite the best of efforts and the noblest intentions .”

    “For there is nothing inaccessible for death.
    All beings are fond of life, hate pain, like pleasure,
    shun destruction, like life, long to live. To all life
    is dear.” Jain Acharanga Sutra

    the following is a response to an article describing tactics of animal activists in a nation ruled by dominion… the USA, The tactics are noble and courageous, but the outcome is limited: http://www.greanvillepost.com/2015/12/19/hounding-the-hunterslong-overdue/
    a radical idea…
    We must begin to ask some questions…. Why is it that hunting in all its forms – in a judo.christian nation, including culls, canned hunts, slaughterfests where winners kill the most or biggest animal, pigeon shoots, animals used for target practice, animals, for trophies and for sport – is considered legal, traditional, tolerated and celebrated, while in India all these atrocities are banned.

    The answer is alluded to in this article as follows is religion: ‘by human tyranny over animals, a tyranny usually rooted in religious dogmas.’

    Though often ignored, for fear of offending activist in these religions… it is time to take a cold hard look at the implications of dominion:

    Genesis 9:1-3 “The fear and dread of you shall rest on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the air, on everything that creeps on the ground, and on all the fish in the sea; into your hand they are delivered. Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you; and just as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.'”

    Dominion is deeply rooted in the psyche of most followers of the semitic religions: judaism, christianity and islam… It forms the basis for a view of animals which relegates them to the status of a human commodity… They were put on earth for human use, exploitation and slaughter… A few kind words in this tradition do little to overturn the underlying assumption of human supremacy… that human life has more value than animal lives…

    It is not enough to single out hunting… for every arena of violence to animals takes its cue from dominion…. hunting as sport, for entertainment, vivisection, for clothing and even animals as food… Hunting is just a small piece of this nightmarish puzzle…

    We could save a lot of energy by nipping violence to animals at its root, as one would a weed that threatens to strangle all life around it…

    Those who engage in tactics within the dominion frame work… are viewed as fringe, radical, even terrorists by the vast majority of those immersed in dominion… for the idea of reverence for life is neither accepted nor understood by those perverted by the genesis mandate.

    Reverence for life, known as AHIMSA, is a concept, though not always practiced in India, is understood by a large significant core, including government departments, the judiciary, which often rules in favor of animals based on ahimsa… and the press. Government and the press in western nations most often sides with dominion… The New York Times endorses culls as it seeks to preserve the status quo. The Times of India, a Jain owned newspaper, regularly posts editorials in support of progressive legislation and an end to cruel practices. In India it is the Forest Department which assists in rescues. In dominion USA it is Wildlife Services which issues cull orders and licenses for all the sadistic forms of hunting conjured up by dominion.

    The judiciary in India is responsible for enlightened legislation not possible in judo.christian nations:

    it is against the law to kill a healthy dog for any reason;

    dissection is banned for all high school students in every state;

    vivisection is banned on the college and university level;

    ALL use of animals is banned for testing of cosmetic products.

    the import and use of cosmetic products tested on animals has been completely banned

    All use of animals is banned for testing household products

    the export of free roaming monkeys is banned, so they will not be harmed in foreign laboratories;

    It is always against the law to confine or harm a monkey

    It is against the law to keep an elephant in a zoo or circus;

    ALL dancing bears have been liberated and sent to sanctuaries;

    The capture and confinement of sea mammals for exhibition or performance is banned

    the import and use of foie gras has been completely banned

    Every vestige of Bull fighting is banned in every state of India

    Culls are against the law;

    Using animals to fight is against the law

    Animal killing contests are against the law

    It is against the law to capture, confine or harm birds

    It is against the law to use animals for as shooting targets

    sport hunting is banned

    Animal sacrifice is against the law

    carriage horses have been banned in Mumbai and Delhi

    all packaged vegetarian food is marked with a green dot for easy identification;

    in predominantly Hindu and Jain states the slaughter of cattle is illegal;

    there are more than 400 million individuals who do not consume the flesh of any animal…

    The rage of those battling the forces of dominion is understandable… but their campaigns would be more effective, if they would first address
    the source of so much of the violence they abhor in western nations. “It will take a radical reversal and revocation of dominion and the religions that peddle it to undo the tyranny of dominion. Any support of the dominion religions… moral or financial merely encourages more of the same for animals: the complete violation of their lives… despite the best of efforts and the noblest intentions. .” Progress for animals will not be made within the dominion tradition.

    So long as those who seek unconditional compassion for animals remain mired in the dominion religions, they will be considered ‘fringe’ even by large mainstream humane organizations that play by the rules of dominion. Tactics employed under dominion… may save a few more lives, but will never change the law to favor animals… for this law is geared towards human interest, rather than inherent worth of animal lives. Only when we face the reality that reverence for life will always be fringe until we drop dominion… and replace it with Ahimsa.

    “All things breathing, all things existing, all living beings whatever, would not be slain or treated with violence, or insulted, or tortured or driven away. This is the pure unchanging eternal law, which the wise ones who know the world have proclaimed…” Jain Acharanga Sutra”

    ‘Don’t kill any living beings. Don’t try to rule them.’ Mahavira (Acaranga, 4/2)


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