Rally for Wolves!

Brett Haverstick, creator of the annual Speak For Wolves event held at Yellowstone National Park, has organized yet another rally. This one was held yesterday in Boise. Read Brett’s account of the very successful event below.

Also, please review this post from Oregon Wild on the status of HB 4040, the bill that will finalize the removal of state protections for wolves in Oregon. The bill has passed the House and is now being discussed in the Senate. We still  an opportunity to shut this down, so please call and speak up. The Oregon Wild link provides details.


On Monday February 15 a demonstration took place on the steps of the capitol building in Boise, Idaho consisting of 70 people and multiple wolf advocacy organizations representing thousands of their members- including Friends of the Clearwater, Defenders of Wildlife, Predator Defense, Western Watersheds Project, Great Old Broads for Wilderness, Wildlands Defense, and Center for Biological Diversity. The event was coordinated to show support for wolf recovery in Idaho and opposition to Idaho’s Wolf Control Board and last week’s aerial gunning of wolves in the “Lolo Zone” of north-central Idaho.

The Idaho Fish & Game Department recently announced the completion of an aerial gunning exercise by the USDA Wildlife Services that resulted in the killing of 20 wolves on the Clearwater National Forest. There was no public notice of the operation and funding for the operation came from the Idaho Wolf Control Board. Funding for the control board comes from state taxpayer dollars, hunting license fees and money from the Idaho Fish & Game Department and livestock industry.


The Wolf Control Board was awarded $400,000 in 2015. A total of 72 wolves were killed with money from the Wolf Control Board in 2015. That equates to roughly $5,500 per dead wolf.  The Idaho Wolf Control Board is now requesting an additional $400,000 for further wolf “control” actions in 2016.

Demonstrators are demanding an end to Idaho’s wasteful Wolf Control Board and the termination of the ruthless USDA Wildlife Services aerial gunning program in the Lolo Zone on the Clearwater National Forest. Please call Idaho Governor Butch Otter at (208) 334-2100 and the USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack at (202) 720-3631.
 Rally 3

4 thoughts on “Rally for Wolves!

  1. Here is some detailed information on how Idaho funds their Wolf Control Board. The link below shows the fine print, including who makes up the board, which is five individuals, four from agricultural or hunting interests. The fifth is from the general public, but this does not “exclude any person who has sportsman or livestock interests.” This is certainly not a well-balanced board.

    The board receives a whopping $620,000 annually. $400,000 comes from the general tax fund, and the Idaho Department of Agriculture and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game both toss in an additional $110,000 to manage wolves in the way they want.

    Click to access H0470.pdf

    Thanks much to Garrick Dutcher of Living with Wolves for sending me this information!


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