The Good and the Bad in Oregon

I’m rebloggging this thorough update on wolves in Oregon. Thanks Sarah, of Wolves in California.

Wolves in California

121214_1_Minam_odfwThe ODFW released their 2015 annual wolf report, and the news is good: at least 110 wolves called Oregon home at the end of last year. 12 packs, 11 breeding pairs and three new pairs were documented. A total of 33 pups survived the year. Of the known packs, only southern Oregon’s Rogue pack could not be confirmed as a breeding pair, due to difficulty in locating them now that OR-7’s collar is dead. And the number of livestock depredations has dropped as well, despite a 36% rise in the wolf population.

Most of Oregon’s wolves are still clustered on the eastern side of I-84, and that region is quickly approaching, if not already at, carrying capacity. At least 91 of Oregon’s 110 wolves live east of I-84. Only two packs are confirmed to reside west of that man-made barrier, OR-7’s Rogue pack and a new, as-yet unnamed pack (locals…

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