Demanding the Good

Minam pack Eagle Cap ODFW 12:14:12.jpg

Minan wolf pack. Eagle Cap Wilderness. ODFW photo.

Today, when many of us fear for the future of wildlife, the environment, as well as human beings, gratitude can be a tough thing to feel. But it’s there, well within our reach. A hike in the forest, on a beach, in the desert or a city park, can reignite a simple but profound acknowledgment that the air still surrounds us and the earth is still below our feet.

Farther out, there remain places of indescribable beauty where we can witness mammals, birds, fish, and all forms of nature continuing the cycle of life as if there did not exist concrete and skyscrapers and pipelines and greed. These are the places of rejuvenation and of hope. These are the holdouts to an authentic, unaffected world.

These natural places are there not because of anything we’ve done, but they remain intact because people have fought selflessly to prevent their destruction. Since the election, I’ve read some strong and encouraging statements from individuals and non-profits. They speak of the renewed urgency to stand up to protect public lands and the creatures that live on them. They speak of coming together to counter what could be the most environmentally negligent tenure so far. As the website for Center for Biological Diversity says, “The Fight is On. Help Us.”

Rachel Carson knew what we were up against. In her words, {Have we} “….fallen into a mesmerized state that makes us accept as inevitable that which is inferior or detrimental, as though having lost the will or the vision to demand that which is good?”


Sketch by Helen Patti Hill

On this day of gratitude, I am so thankful for the individuals and groups that have not lost the will to demand the good. They, and we can all be a part of this, will do everything possible to preserve what remains of our natural world and to stand up for the rights and safety of all forms of life, human and non. Thank you for caring, and for not giving up.


(Special thanks to Oregon Wild, Pacific Wolf Coalition, Center for Biological Diversity, KS Wild, Cascadia Wildlands, Wolves of the Rockies, Living with Wolves, International Wolf Center, Defenders of Wildlife)


Coming next week! The official release of Journey: The Amazing Story of OR-7, the Oregon Wolf that Made History. 


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