Working Circle-Helping Both Ranchers and Wolves


(featured photo: Mark Coats with his horse, Flax. Photo by Beckie Elgin)

With over seventy years of combined experience in dealing with wolf-livestock issues, the recently created Working Circle offers hope to the age-old conflict between ranchers and predators. The group, founded by the California Wolf Center, offers bi-annual workshops in Northern California and Southern Oregon, as well as on-sight visits to local ranches.

My article in The Ag-Mag, How to Protect Livestock from Wolves, explores the efforts of the Working Circle. Mark Coats, a livestock operator from Dorris, California and integral part of the Working Circle, invited me to his ranch to research the story and see in person how he implements predator awareness training, yet another tool in the bag of non-lethal measures. Mark’s adorable dog, Budger, is key to this training, as you’ll learn in the article.

I’m honored to have my story published in The Ag-Mag. This publication is making huge steps in bridging the gap between livestock producers and those that consume their products. There is a wealth of information in these quarterly publications that we can all learn from. The Ag-Mag is available online or in print. You can subscribe, or find the free magazine at many co-ops and farm stores.

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Journey: The Amazing Story of OR-7, the Oregon Wolf that Made History is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, Inkwater Press, or a signed copy through me.  Portion of the proceeds go to Oregon Wild to help support wolf recovery. You can choose AmazonSmile for your purchase and pick out a charitable organization that will benefit from the sale. 


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