Wolves on the Radio!

(Sketch by George Bumann)

Have you heard of the radio show, Animals Matter? If not, check it out! This awesome show airs monthly on KSKQ from Ashland, Oregon. If you don’t live nearby, don’t worry. You can access the show online.

For today’s show, host Lin Bernhardt interviews me about my book, Journey: The Amazing Story of OR-7, the Oregon Wolf that Made History, and about wolves in general. Next month, Lin will talk with writer Virginia Morell, author of Animal Wise, and in March she will discuss Wildlife Services in Oregon, with guest Scott Beckstead, Oregon State Director of the Humane Society. Should be fascinating shows!

Here is what Animals Matter is about:

Topics related to pets, wildlife, livestock and other animals are explored in this lively half-hour program. Look for interviews covering climate change and the effects of a warming planet on wildlife and species extinction, middle schoolers talking about factory farming, and in-depth looks at local organizations working to save animals from abuse and abandonment. Animals Matter airs the fourth Wednesday of the month at 1 PM.

And here is the link:

KSKQ Weekly Schedule

(KSKQ posts links on their website and FB page to Soundcloud, where shows are archived)


Journey: The Amazing Story of OR-7, The Oregon Wolf that Made History

Available here!

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