Nowheres Wolf: A New Film About OR-7!

Suzanne Moulton is an artist and puppet fabricator living in Portland. She has worked on various stop-motion films including Coraline, The Shadow King, and Frankenweenie. Her newest (and perhaps most exciting) project is an animated film about Oregon’s famous wolf, OR-7. Her movie is being made independently, without corporate studio involvement, therefore, contributions are much appreciated.

Suzanne Moulton

Not only will this be a fun film for kids of all ages, it is also be a venue for educating viewers about wolves. In Suzanne’s words, “Our mission is to help wolves and encourage people to learn more about real wolves, challenge their preconceptions and use our film to point toward great science-based programs about wolves.”

The fabric figures Suzanne and other artists have created for the film are incredible. They are wild-looking and wolf-like, but also approachable and full of expression. One wants to reach out and touch them and feel their fur. Suzanne is an advocate not only for wolves but also for the need for safe materials for artists. Miniatures such as the ones created for the Nowheres Wolf film are commonly made with toxic glue, paint, and other substances that cause numerous health issues. This film uses alternative, non-toxic materials, setting a safe standard for people in this industry.

Suzanne was recently interviewed about the Nowheres Wolf film project on Oregon Wild’s blog. You can also read about the film and watch a fun trailer on her website, The Nowheres Wolf: A Call Not Answered.  And don’t forget to help out the project on the Seed&Spark site. You can earn some lovely items for your contribution!


Check out Journey’s collar. So realistic!


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