Need Hope?

It has been a rough year for wolves everywhere. Ten were killed in Oregon in 2017, either from poaching or lethal removal by state officials. Additionally, one wolf was shot by an elk hunter who claimed the animal was attacking him. Yet, the hunter’s shell casing was found a seemingly safe distance of 27 yard from the dead wolf. In Wyoming, the first wolf season in three years brought the death of a dozen wolves in the first 40 hours of the three-month hunt. Despite a reprieve in August, wolves in the Great Lakes states may yet be removed the from the ESA, and hunting would no doubt begin immediately after this. In June, the US FWS released a plan that would remove Mexican wolves from the ESA when the populations reach a mere 320. Not nearly enough for a sustainable population according to a number of experts. The final word on the plan will be released this week.

wild hope cover

A richly illustrated magazine called Wild Hope may be just what we need right now. Wild Hope, funded by Earth Island Institute, publishes positive and inspiring stories about nature and wildlife. In their words, “Our purpose in sharing their stories is to raise awareness of the of the need to preserve our biodiversity heritage and motivate readers to get involved in protecting other species with whom we share this planet.”  earthislandinstitute_thumbnail-140x140

titleThe recently released edition of Wild Hope contains an article I wrote on the travels of OR-7. Entitled, “It Takes a Village to Save a Wolf,” the story tells the tale of Journey’s legendary trip while it also explains the role humans play in allowing for this successful dispersal. The importance of public lands, legislation to protect native wildlife, and individuals and groups that strive to protect these entities are all discussed. In true village spirit, several knowledgable people provided input for the article. Thanks, Wally Sykes, Pam and Randy Comeleo, Rob Klavins, Jeanine Moy, and Amaroq Weiss, for your ideas and suggestions.

Wild Hope is a visually beautiful and deeply inspiring magazine, one much needed in this difficult time. Without hope, we lose the heart to fight to protect what is important in our world, the environment, native wildlife, and the good people who strive to coexist with the natural world.

The magazine can be purchased online or at many quality bookstores. Enjoy!


Wild Hope would be a wonderful Christmas gift, as would Journey: The Amazing Story of OR-7, the Oregon Wolf that Made History. 

Amazon Bestseller: Teens and YA Environmental Conservation and Protection

Silver Medal Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards: Non-fiction Chapter Book

Green Earth Book Awards Finalist